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Viagrande is an Italian town of 8,090 inhabitants in the province of Catania in Sicily.
The hilltop village of ancient traditions, quoted in the first realist novel by Giovanni Verga called Nedda.

The climate is typically hilly foothills of Etna, less rainy the corresponding range of hills on the eastern side, with dry summers and winters are not particularly cold and windy and rainy. In a strictly local is very pleasant summer microclimate in the neighborhood of Viscalori, always resort area viagrandese even if partially lost in recent years such connotation.

The most important church is dedicated to Our Lady of the Idria, although it is popularly called "A Church 's Santu Mauru", as the saint's relics are kept inside.
The second church in order of importance is that of the Borgo Viscalori (in Sicilian "u quatteri 'and Viscalori"), dedicated to St. Blaise. Over the years this district or village has lost its traditional connotation becoming citizens predominantly residential area of ??Catania who have chosen to bring their home out of the chaos of the metropolitan area of ??Catania.

The Festival of San Mauro Abbot
It is a religious festival which takes place on 15 January and attracts many people from all over the province of Catania. Are the spectacular fireworks display on Christmas Eve, when comparing two teams village called parties, that is, "I Scalatiddotti" and "I Chiazzotti" that correspond to the two districts of the country. Do not miss the offer of local food products such as cottage cheese or crispelle anchovies (Anjove). For younger people a number of rides is set up at the entrance of the village, at Via Aldo Moro.
At 13 there is the output of a saint by the church and the villagers gather in the central square. The festival is enriched with barrels of fireworks that go on for a good half hour, turned in front of the matrix and with flights of helicopters towing a banner on which reads: "Viva San Mauro" and throwing roses and colored slip of paper.
From that time to the fercolo are made to go around the country, passing first in the church of San Biagio is located in Viscalori. The fercolo will not return to the Matrix before the twenty-two. The next week is held the ceremony of the Eighth, during which the saint is brought out in front of the church to receive a final farewell, before closing it in his room until the party the following year.

Viagrande can be seen, thanks to the central position in the Etna and the recent "colonization" residential reasonably important as a hub of cultural developments hinterland Catania. From the culinary point of view, in particular, the country is home to one of the most important historical coffee Province: Gran Coffee Urn. The restaurant, founded in 1885 by Lorenzo Cavaliere del Lavoro Urn after long work experience gained in France and in the service of Prince Manganelli, can be considered the birthplace of the Sicilian fried calzone stuffed Sheep Tuma, anchovies and black olives. Always at Coffee Urn is responsible for the authorship of another delight viagrandese: the Schiumone, preparation of pastry as a successful hybrid between the mousse and ice cream. The municipal area also falls within the Production Regulations of DOP such as prickly pear, the cherry, and the extra virgin Etna. In the territory of Viagrande is also home to the winery Benanti, producing, among others, Etna Rosso DOC Etna Bianco and the only company in Sicily making wine on the purity autochthonous "Minella."

From 21 to 23 September 2013, the Harvest Festival, the traditional appointment at Villa municipal Viagrande (Ct), with "The harvest and its traditions," Entertainment folk, exhibition of handicrafts, local products, tasting mustard. The event hosts the "Regional Festival folk groups", with the participation of formations from all over Sicily.

During the festival of the harvest you can watch folk performances of popular music, exhibition of handicrafts and tasting of typical local products such as grape mustard prepared according to ancient recipes. Millstone in the Town Park also organizes the historical reconstruction of the ancient technique of producing wine.

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